Welcome to the SF Valley SQL Server User Group aka SQL Malibu!

Join us every 3rd Wednesday of every month between 6:30 pm and 9:00PM, where we network and discuss SQL Server topics. We will have swag giveaways at the end of the each presentation too. Our monthly meeting are FREE (admission and parking), casual and EVERYONE is welcome. We are WALK-IN friendly. Hope to see you very soon!!!

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Next Meeting: Wed, Mar 13 2013

SQL Server User Group Meeting in Malibu

Language: English
Event Type: In-Person
Online Meeting URL: None
RSVPURL: http://sqlmalibu1303.eventbrite.com/

Our first meeting is held on March 13, 2013 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm. Please register at http://sqlmalibu1303.eventbrite.com/. There will be a number of prizes to give away at the meeting. Looking forward to seeing you there. Agenda: 06:00 pm - 06:30 pm Networking / Snacks | 06:30 pm - 08:00 pm Welcome note and Presentation | 08:00 pm - 08:30 pm Prize Draw


UTC : Thu, Mar 14 2013 01:00 - 03:30
Event Time : Wed, Mar 13 2013 18:00 - 20:30 Pacific Daylight Time
Your Local Time: Thu, Mar 14 2013 01:00 - 03:30


6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Canoga Park, California

Direction: None

Featured Presentation

Tablix - The Rubik Cube of Reporting Services

Speaker: Mickey Stuewe, Senior BI Developer

Summary: Did you know that the Table, Matrix, and List controls are all based on the highly flexible Tablix Data Region Grid? So really, they are all one control that can be morphed into each other. Learn how to get the most out of the Tablix controls in this demo-heavy session. We'll go through how to best layout data using multiple Tablix controls. We’ll use parameters to change the layout of the data in these controls to minimize the number of reports that need to be maintained. We’ll create a columnar report that grows vertically as well as horizontally, and we’ll find out about other exciting uses of this highly flexible control. Presenter Contact URL: http://www.mickeystuewe.com

About Mickey : Mickey Stuewe is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a former Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 15 years of experience with T-SQL and report writing. She is a Senior BI Developer in Southern California. Her focus is on T-SQL optimization, requirements gathering, report designing, and report creation. Over the last four years she has transformed over 300 Crystal and SSRS 2005 reports to 80+ SSRS 2008 and SSRS 2008R2 reports.


SQL Joke of the month

Teacher: Oracle?
“Present sir”
Teacher: DB2?
“Present sir”
Teacher: SQL Server?
“Present sir”
Teacher: MySQL?
Teacher: MySQL?
Teacher: Where the hell is MySQL
[In rushes MySQL, unshaven, hair a mess]
Teacher: Where have you been MySQL
“Sorry sir I thought it was February 31st

(source: https://sqlwithmanoj.com/2011/01/10/sql-jokes/)

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